As the World zooms onto Germany for the 2006 world cup, f4m is the tipping competition that will have you glued to your seats for all 63 matches.

Monday, July 10, 2006


What drama. With George K sitting pretty enjoying the final, 2nd and 3rd were up for grabs and even before the kick-off, people’s predictions set the tone to what was going to be a huge night. Surprisingly only four players predicted the match to finish in a draw (Joe, F4M, Julius and Jason) and in dramatic circumstances, both Jason and Julius swooped in also with the BONUS to knock off Tony and Michael K and claim 2nd and 3rd. Yes it was a case of what could have been for Tony and Michael but, predicting a 1:1 in a final is worthy of a reward and congratulations to Jason and Julius.

In relation to the Final itself, I think it was more of a case of “you had to be there” or be either Italian or French to really enjoy the tension and drama. In relation to the Zidane incident , let’s just say if you’ve ever let your team down from a brain explosion on the football pitch just spare a thought for this man. From standing on the doorstep waiting to be let in by football’s two immortals, Zidane decides to say F@#k you and walk down the hall of shame. No doubt in years to come the world will forgive his 5 seconds of stupidity and remember his brilliance. Nevertheless how about that for your last contribution in football?

Well done to the Italians for overcoming their penalty nerves, now if they can only build cars that not only look good but are reliable then we know the world is on track to being a better place.

Hope you all enjoyed the Football4Mates competition. The tables below are for the overall standing and the Top 3 from when the competition reached its SERIOUS STAGE (Quarter Finals) - ah if only.

In relation to the incentive prizes, that will need to be worked out and an emailed as no one predicted the Serbs to get the flogging they did and more than one country finished top of the Red Card count.

With domestic competitions stale and predictable the transfer of players for the upcoming seasons is something to look forward to, unless of course Chelsea swoop in and buy every Italian player that will soon become available. Hopefully President Putin will throw Roman Abramovich in prison for tax invasion and football returns to normal. Enjoy and we may be back for more Football4Mates in the future.


1 GeorgeK 115 $472.50
2 JasonT 109 $236.25
3 Julius 106 $103.95
4 Tony 105
5 Michael K 105
6 Boss Walker 97
7 Luke 97
8 Football4Mates 96
9 Joe 94
10 Harry Potter 91
11 Matt 91
12 Mac 90
13 Euro Supremo 89
14 Ian 89
15 Damion Luvlock 88
16 BenG 87
17 Wells 82
18 Blair 81
19 Fabes 80
20 Yanni 78
21 Simon 78
22 Andy 78
23 Myles 76
24 World Supremo 75
25 Stylianos 72
26 Soccerette 67
27 Rhino 57
28 Gordon 54


1 Football4Mates 20
2 Boss Walker 18
3 JasonT 16

Thursday, July 06, 2006


Runner up in 2002, there was simply no stopping the George K (pictured left) tipping machine in Germany 2006. Whilst the World awaits a new world champion, George K has wrapped up the Football Supremo title and with that has continued the Greek Cypriot domination of this competition.

Congratulations George K, your unique method of tipping will have most of us so called experts banging their heads in disbelief. Yes football mates, our new Football Supremo is an Adriano look-alike but just add marriage, two daughters, own business and Greek food to the equation and you have George K.

As our Football Supremo continues his masquerade as Brazil’s Adriano, the battle for 2nd and 3rd takes us to the Final. With both Tony and Michael K bombing with France and Portugal the door has swung open for the Eastern European connection of Julius and Jason T to potentially sneak through and claim honours. The question begs , what will these players go for. As Italy and France fittingly deserve their place in the final, on paper both teams cancel themselves for quality in virtually all positions. The weakest link may lie in France’s left hand side which a Zambrotta and Camoranesi may expose come Monday morning.

My tip? I’ve already stated my prediction before the semi finals took place. Just check out the previous blog. Good luck for the Final and let’s hope it’s one we can all talk about when we’re old and wrinkly.

1 GeorgeK 115
2 Tony 105
3 Michael K 105
4 JasonT 104
5 Julius 101

6 Boss Walker 97
7 Luke 97
8 Football4Mates 94
9 Joe 92
10 Harry Potter 91
11 Matt 91
12 Mac 90
13 Euro Supremo 89
14 Ian 89
15 Damion Luvlock 88
16 BenG 87
17 Wells 82
18 Blair 81
19 Fabes 80
20 Yanni 78
21 Simon 78
22 Andy 78
23 Myles 76
24 World Supremo 75
25 Stylianos 72
26 Soccerette 67
27 Rhino 57
28 Gordon 54

Saturday, July 01, 2006

Coaches are the Stars and Chumps

Adios World Champions. Can't say I didn't tell you so when the writing was on the wall for the Brazilians thanks to the tactics and team selections of their coach. Seems that the coaches are turning into the stars and chumps of this tournament.

Well done Ben G in tipping Italy to beat Ukraine 3-0. I believe the last time Italy scored three goals at a World Cup was when defeating Brazil and Germany 3-1 to win the World Cup in ’82, which was also the last time the country was engrossed in a betting scandal.

My prediction will be an Italy France final with France taking it out on penalties.

1 GeorgeK 110
2 Tony 105
3 Michael K 105
4 Julius 101
5 JasonT 99
6 Luke 97
7 Boss Walker 92
8 Matt 91
9 Football4Mates 90
10 Euro Supremo 89
11 Ian 89
12 Mac 88
13 Joe 87
14 BenG 87
15 Harry Potter 84
16 Wells 82
17 Damion Luvlock 81
18 Fabes 80
19 Simon 78
20 Yanni 76
21 Myles 76
22 Blair 76
23 Andy 76
24 World Supremo 73
25 Stylianos 67
26 Soccerette 63
27 Gordon 54
28 Rhino 53

Thursday, June 29, 2006

Bought to you by Jason T

More Australian Tragedy

This latest piece of disturbing news in Australian Italian saga that has unfolded from Monday's disturbing match come from Julius:

Stuttgart. Tuesday, 27th June, 2006.

An Australian man has been arrested in Stuttgart after assaulting an Italian supporter following the Italy / Australia knock-out match on Monday.The man was said to be 20 metres away from his victim who sustained head fractures, several broken ribs, a punctured lung, two broken legs, severe lacerations and burns to 75% of his body.The Australian man was shot dead by Authourities and the Italian victim is expected to make a full recovery in a couple of minutes.

In fact this is just the latest in a spade of incidents that has ingulfed us since Monday's distubing events. On his trip down at Norton Street for a short time on Monday night (before it got crazy). Julius could not help bu notice noticed that all the Italians were falling over for no reason whenever an Australian walked past them...

Wednesday, June 28, 2006

The Superpowers

We’re heading into the final stretch and with the superpowers of world football still involved, anything can still happen. With all previous winners making the final eight with the exception of Uruguay, results may not be as straight forward as you think e.g. Brazil v France - a shoe in for the samba boys? You may want to know that the Brazilians have not beaten the French at a competitive tournament since 1981. The question is: Do you play conservative and get the minimum points, or go for it and think outside the square.

Here are some interesting statistics:

Country with Most Dives
1. Italy (nothing surprising here)

Country with Most Tantrums
1. Holland

Country Bullying Referee
1. Croatia

Country Faking Injury
1. Paraguay

Competition Ladder
1 GeorgeK 108
2 Michael K 103
3 Julius 99
4 Tony 98
5 JasonT 97
6 Luke 90
7 Matt 89
8 Ian 87
9 Boss Walker 86
10 Football4Mates 84
11 Harry Potter 82
12 Wells 82
13 BenG 82
14 Mac 81
15 Euro Supremo 80
16 Joe 80
17 Fabes 80
18 Damion Luvlock 77
19 Simon 76
20 Andy 76
21 Myles 74
22 World Supremo 73
23 Yanni 72
24 Blair 69
25 Soccerette 63
26 Stylianos 60
27 Gordon 54
28 Rhino 53

Tuesday, June 27, 2006


As Totti’s penalty crashed into our net, Simon Hill’s words will long ring in our memories. Yes I am back but understandably this was not the welcome which I was expecting. However, for those of us who have been watching football for a long time, we were not overly surprised in the manner in which the Italians won this match. Perhaps our boys’ lack of experience proved costly; never give an Italian an opportunity to fall in the box. A slight change in wind direction is all he will need

In all honesty, I was more upset in witnessing the scenes at Norton Street that followed than the ref blowing for the penalty. The success of the Socceroos is vital to the growth and development of our game and those show pony unpatriotic spaghetti slurping twats who were signing for a country they’ve perhaps never even visited was down right pathetic. Wanting the country of your heritage to do well is one thing but to carry on like that is bloody disrespectful. It’s a good thing I’m clamped up and can’t voice my fury.

Onto the tipping and George K (Adriano) has had a blistering few days to steam role into the lead closely followed by the Hungarian Folk Dancing combination of Julius and Michael. Sneaking into contention and definite dark horses are Tony and Jason T. Out Portuguese moment of the tournament goes to Wells who was doing so well plus a couple of others who were in contention – failing to get their tips in defies belief. Better go before someone else falls under my grumpy radar. Here is the ladder.

1 GeorgeK 106
2 Michael K 101
3 Julius 97
4 Tony 96
5 JasonT 92
6 Luke 88
7 Matt 87
8 Ian 85
9 Boss Walker 84
10 Football4Mates 82
11 Wells 82
12 Harry Potter 80
13 BenG 80
14 Fabes 80
15 Mac 79
16 Euro Supremo 78
17 Joe 75
18 Myles 74
19 Damion Luvlock 72
20 Andy 72
21 World Supremo 71
22 Simon 71
23 Yanni 67
24 Blair 67
25 Soccerette 63
26 Stylianos 58
27 Gordon 54
28 Rhino 53

Thursday, June 22, 2006


I was going to hold off from giving an update today but having entered this morning’s results and seeing the top 2, well all I can say is that we have a Miracle of Bern on our hands. Michael K and Julius are making up for the absence of the once proud Hungarians (not to say that being Hungarian is something to be ashamed of but in football sense) while in third is the arrival of a player I was expecting to make a claim for Football Supremo, Jason T.

Stay tuned for some important tipping for the Round of 16 Stage as I will be temporarily out of action for a couple of days. More on that tomorrow but for now, let’s allow our Hungarian friends to dance in a field of sunflowers wearing their nation’s traditional dress and singing Hungarian folk songs – I’ve obviously had far to little sleep and this image is most scary.

For now it’s F$%^@ History and GO SOCEROOOOOOS.

1 Michael K 74
2 Julius 73
3 JasonT 70
4 Tony 67
5 Matt 67
6 GeorgeK 65
7 Wells 65
8 Ian 64
9 Boss Walker 63
10 BenG 63
11 Myles 61
12 Fabes 61
13 Football4Mates 60
14 Luke 60
15 Euro Supremo 59
16 Andy 59
17 Harry Potter 58
18 Mac 55
19 Damion Luvlock 55
20 Joe 53
21 Rhino 53
22 World Supremo 51
23 Soccerette 51
24 Blair 51
25 Simon 50
26 Yanni 48
27 Gordon 43
28 Stylianos 40

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